Street Lighting Smart Controls

SLSC Roadmap 

07-07-2017 15:06

This SLSC Roadmap examines Australia’s policy objectives that relate to modernising street lighting and, where possible, quantifies the benefits of widespread adoption of best practice lighting technologies. This Roadmap also summarises the current situation, identifies current barriers to uptake – including structural and market impediments – to ensure the Roadmap is relevant to government policy. The Roadmahas been developed in consultation with key stakeholders within and outside government and identifies the key risks to be managed and mitigated. It provides an update to, and builds upon, the Draft National Street Lighting Strategy (2011), commissioned by the E3 Program.

This Roadmap contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date data analysis and review ever undertaken of the whole-of-industry impacts on Australia’s street lighting and emergent smart controls industry. It also appears to be a world first for such an all-embracing analysis. Like all firsts, knowledge gained during the process has morphed the original document brief from identification of issues to the formulation of options. The Roadmap presents significant options and recommendations for governments and industry to focus upon in identifying an agreed action plan. Future versions of this Roadmap, or one specifically drafted for New Zealand, are intended to include information relevant to New Zealand. This version restricts itself to Australia.

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