Model Public Lighting Strategy

Model Public Lighting Strategy


With the support of SLSC Program Partners, IPWEA has developed a Model Public Lighting Strategy. This foundational document, designed for ready adoption by lighting authorities, establishes basic minimum requirements for all lighting assets and lays out a robust system to manage how new lighting designs are approved, installed and commissioned.

Adopting a formal Public Lighting Strategy allows road and other public authorities to provide clear and consistent guidance for all staff, designers, contractors, developers and other stakeholders on their minimum lighting requirements and equipment specifications. It can also help establish lists of approved standard lighting equipment, establish a robust lighting design approvals process and a lighting maintenance regime.

The aim of this model strategy is to be:

  • Technically robust and current;
  • Compatible with AS/NZS standards and specifications while filing in gaps where AS/NZS guidance does not exist or is not suitably current;
  • Written concisely in easy to understand language;
  • Applicable to large and small projects in both urban and rural application;
  • Structured to include a range of selectable options to be chosen by the user to deliver a customised document meeting their needs; and
  • Freely available to reduce barriers to uptake.