Model Business Case for Street Lighting and Smart Controls Upgrades


With the support of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Energy (now DCCEEW), IPWEA's Street Lighting and Smart Control (SLSC) Program has developed a Model Business Case for Street Lighting and Smart Controls Upgrades. This Model Business Case is being made available for free via this website to registered users.

The Model Business Case is targeted at local government, main road agency and DNSP decision makers wanting to put forward a robust case for large-scale street lighting upgrades using LEDs and smart controls. It is a user-friendly template document supported by an accompanying Excel-based modelling tool that can be adapted to suit individual circumstances. Both contain instructions and prompts to guide the author through the customisation of their business case. This Model Business Case is particularly suited for those lacking the time, resources or in-house lighting expertise to develop a business case from the ground up.

Alongside the existing model technical specifications for LED street lighting and smart controls as well as the model public lighting strategy, the Model Business Case forms a comprehensive suite of documents to equip a management team to confidently determine how to proceed with their street lighting projects.