November 2016 News Archive

50,000 LEDs being installed in New York with less than three year payback

130,000 ISS images used to comprehensively map light pollution for first time

Dumb mistakes open smart lighting to hackers

Doubts raised about impact of blue light on circadian rhythms

IESANZ rebuts article on LED street lighting in Otago Daily Times

Hampshire, UK’s 155,000 connected street lights being used to pilot smart city technology

LA street lights listening out for car crashes

Greater Noida, India smart street lighting deployment turning into base for the smart city

Jakarta, Indonesia rolling out 90,000 LED street lights and smart controls from Philips

Surat, India to replace 90,000 street lights with LEDs & smart controls

UK study finds LED street lights attract less insects

Is drone-based street lighting in the future?

Radar used for presence detection in Croatian smart controls pilot by Geolux

Barrie, Ontario, Canada convert 10,622 lights to LEDs with smart controls in two months

Consolidation of lighting and smart controls companies continues as Osram acquires almost half of Tvilight

Successful part-night lighting in Norfolk, UK using smart controls shows no impact on crime

Malcolm Turnbull announces Australia has ratified Paris Climate Change Agreement

Lux Today looks at whether smart lighting caused crash of Twitter, Vatican adoption of LEDs with smart controls and Swaziland’s use of smart street lighting to monitor crop yields

South Delhi, India completes installation of 200,000 LEDs with smart controls cutting maintenance costs by 2/3