April 2017 News Archive

Local Government Association of Queensland goes public in its tilt at the Queensland street lighting assets

10,000 LED street lighting with WiFi an electoral proposal in Glasgow

Indian LED street lighting program hits 2.1 million lights

European Bank of Reconstruction & Development sets up €140m fund to replace street lighting in Eastern Europe and Baltic states

San Diego to deploy 3,200 GE smart sensors with LED street lights

Essex, UK passes halfway in replacement of 19,000 main road street lights with LEDs

Dubai expanding smart street lighting deployments

Harrisburg, PA street lights to get smarter with new array of sensors to be trialed

Philips experiments with special blue-green LED street lights on Dutch Island to minimize impact on birds

St Louis, MO says main road LEDs in its upgrade have fallen to price parity with traditional LEDs at around US$200 each

LA trials street lights that can hear gun shots

Local Government Association in South Australia highlights potential savings and considers alternative street lighting model

Audit in San Diego highlights potential for millions in billing errors if street lighting asset management systems not up to scratch

Chicago appoints firm to spearhead deployment of 270,000 LEDs and smart controls

On-going complaints over LED colour temperature in Rome get global coverage

Philips Lighting hits 78% of total sales from sustainable lighting

Goulburn Mulwaree Council looking to smart lighting and other technology to drive economic growth and deliver better services