Editor's Choice Articles

The following articles on street lighting and smart controls have been selected from publications around the world to highlight large-scale deployments as well as key technology and policy developments.

August 2019

Dunedin, NZ, to deploy Telensa smart controls on 15,000 new LEDs being installed by Broadspectrum

Darwin and Palmerston, NT, deploying LEDs and smart controls as part of broader smart city initiatives

City of London, UK, rolls out LED strategy with 3000K LEDs on residential roads and 4000K on main roads

Malaysian utility replacing over 360,000 HPS lights with LEDs

Cleveland to roll out 61,000 LED street lights with smart controls and 1000 cameras

Worry about the amount of light at night more than the blue wavelengths says LRC

Leeds, UK, to convert 86,000 lights to LEDs with smart controls

Signify launches multi-function pole incorporating LED lighting, Wi-Fi, 5G and a range of IoT sensors SLSC partner in focus

June 2019

$15m Dunedin LED and smart controls contract awarded to Broadspectrum

Itron and Electrix to build Australia’s largest smart lighting project in the ACT

Smart LED lighting tenders awarded in Palmerston, NT

Darwin, NT, selects Telensa for smart street lighting project

Wollongong, NSW to replace 5500 lights with LEDs

Worry about the amount of light at night more than the blue wavelengths says LRC

LED street lights to be installed across Northern Ireland

Dunedin facing pressure to lower LED colour temperature below 3000K

Street lights again shown to influence urban bat behaviour

Aberdeen, Scotland, to install 3,500 smart LED street lights

April 2019

Dublin plans £70m ‘smart’ LED roll-out

Tauranga, NZ to replace 7000 lights with 3000K LEDs

San Diego’s deployment of smart street lights with cameras and sensors continues ... meanwhile, concerns grow about surveillance capabilities of San Diego street lights

Clutha District Council, NZ changing all lighting to LEDs

Kent County Council in UK will upgrade 120,000 street lights to LEDs with smart controls

City of Nedlands' LED street lighting program wins IPWEA WA award

February 2019

Montreal’s ground-breaking rollout of 132,000 smart LED street lights

Why Californian councils are investing millions to buy back street lighting

Caribbean island, faced with high energy prices, commits to mass LED street lighting replacement

Tampa Electric to deploy more than 260,000 LEDs and Itron smart controls

Current adds to Californian smart lighting projects

UK scientists call for street lighting to switch off at midnight to stop disruption to moths

Dutch city pioneers ‘light-on-demand’ street lighting

NEMA publishes a range of new LED standards and guidelines

Sylvania Connected Solutions announced partnership with LoRaWAN specialist Urbana

UK Automobile Association expresses concern about switching off street lights