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An important part of facilitating the acceleration of LED street lighting and smart controls and their associated technologies is the regular communication of developments and achievements by peers and colleagues in the industry.

The SLSC Programme produces and circulates a regular monthly e-newsletter called SLSC Spotlight to approximately 3,000 stakeholders in the industry free of charge.


Issue 7 Sep/Oct 2018 SLSC Spotlight | Issue 7
Issue 6 August 2018 SLSC Spotlight | Issue 6
Issue 5 June/July 2018 SLSC Spotlight | Issue 5
Issue 4 May 2018 SLSC Spotlight | Issue 4 
Issue 3 April 2018 SLSC Spotlight | Issue 3
Issue 2 March 2018 SLSC Spotlight | Issue 2

Issue 1 December 2017 SLSC Spotlight | Issue 1