SLSC Partners

IPWEA has established an advisory SLSC Council to help guide the work of the Programme. It has also created a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to review and provide feedback on draft Programme deliverables to ensure they meet industry requirements. The members of these two groups of SLSC partners are: 

SLSC Council Members





Equipment Energy Efficiency
Karen Moloney Director - Lighting and Communications Team
Equipment Energy Efficiency Branch | Energy Division
Robert Fuller CEO IPWEA Australasia
SLSC Council Chair
John Pritchard Executive Director, Policy and Research

Stuart Johnston Executive Director, Assets and Network Transformation

Lighting Council Australia

Richard Mulcahy

  David Gardner Country Leader, Australia & New Zealand

 Ian Killick Regional Manager,
Australian & NZ

 Belinda Sahlman National Business Development Manager - Roadway and Infrastructure
   Budrish Kapoor Sales Manager
  Alex Beveridge

Sales Director
 Next Energy Graham Mawer Managing Director
 Street Lighting Partners Godfrey Bridger
Bryan King
Managing Director

Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Members

    Brisbane City Council      
   City of Sydney       ENE.HUB
       Kurrant LGNZ  Lighting Council New Zealand 
  Logan City Council   OrangeTek
 SSROC   Telematics Wireless    VRT Systems