Editor's Choice Articles

The following articles on street lighting and smart controls have been selected from publications around the world to highlight large-scale deployments as well as key technology and policy developments.

February 2019

Montreal’s ground-breaking rollout of 132,000 smart LED street lights

Why Californian councils are investing millions to buy back street lighting

Caribbean island, faced with high energy prices, commits to mass LED street lighting replacement

Tampa Electric to deploy more than 260,000 LEDs and Itron smart controls

Current adds to Californian smart lighting projects

UK scientists call for street lighting to switch off at midnight to stop disruption to moths

Dutch city pioneers ‘light-on-demand’ street lighting

NEMA publishes a range of new LED standards and guidelines

Sylvania Connected Solutions announced partnership with LoRaWAN specialist Urbana

UK Automobile Association expresses concern about switching off street lights

December 2018

Northeast Group study saying $780m to be invested in ANZ smart street lighting over next decade

The Utility Case for Smart Street Lighting: Insights from Georgia Power

$5.7 million project to fill the gaps between Palmerston North's LED street lights

GE agrees to sell SSL-focused Current to American Industrial Partners

Surrey, UK to deploy 89,000 LEDs with smart controls and employ dimming

September 2018

Palmerston, NT votes to replace 4700 lights with LEDs and smart controls

Sunshine Coast Selects Telensa for Smart Street Lighting Pilot

Tamworth saves with LED switch on residential roads

Orangetek deploys colour-tuning LEDs in Helsinki, Finland

Albany, NY, considering buying back street lights from the utility for US$9.4m in growing trend

TALQ publishes guidance on interoperable smart-city LED lighting networks

August 2018

IPL rebuts concerns about LED lighting and health

Seattle switches to 3000K LEDs

LED streetlight conversion makes Tucson skies slightly darker, says Dark Sky Association

UK Government considers EV charging for all street lighting columns

San Diego smart lighting deployment with Current by GE

Edinburgh, UK to deploy 64,000 LEDs with Telensa smart controls

Tenerife, Spain deploys smart LEDs with new Zhaga standard interfaces, blue filters

What has IoT value – the pole or the light?

July 2018

Wellington using smart controls to raise lighting levels in crime hotspots

Launceston's pedestrian precinct gets motion-sensing lighting

Gore Council in New Zealand to start LED replacements

Upper Hutt completes LED street lighting upgrade

Irish government announces plans to upgrade all 500,000 lights in Ireland to LEDs

Philips (now Signify) deploys bat-friendly LEDs in the Netherlands

Light pollution linked to decline in insects

San Jose signs three telco agreements to embed small cell technology in 4000 street lights

May 2018

Waikato, NZ, to deploy 15,000 new Philips LED street lights in warm white

Burnet Heads, Qld, deploys smart LED street lighting and other smart city technology

India’s Street Lighting National Programme hits a remarkable 4.9 million LED luminaires in its first three years

42 councils in southern NSW working together to deploy 70,000+ LEDs and smart controls

April 2018

Marion Council, SA, to replace over 8500 street lights with LEDs

Telensa wins smart street lighting controls contract with Whakatane District Council, NZ

Philips Lighting to become Signify in 2019

India’s Street Lighting National Programme hits a remarkable 4.9 million LED luminaires in its first three years

Telensa partners with Essex and Hertfordshire to pilot a range of smart city devices

Omaha, Nebraska utility to install 100,000 replacement LEDs

March 2018

Mornington Peninsula to replace 10,700 residential road lights with LEDs

Whangarei, NZ, upgrading 5000 street lights to LEDs

Major US study find street lighting cuts crime by 39%

New York State announces State-wide LED program

San Diego, a pioneer of smart street lighting, deploys LED lights with wide array of sensors

Helmond, Holland, deploys lighting on demand in City-wide deployment

Norway pioneers radar-controlled street lighting

December 2017

ACT taps Electrix as preferred tenderer to manage 79,000 street lights

Telensa wins smart controls contract for Wellington street lighting upgrade

Respected US Lighting Research Centre rebuts ‘blue light hazard’ claims of AMA

Essential Energy upgrading 5,000 street lights for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council
Western Sydney councils win award for LED street lighting project

July 2017

Multi-function pole deployment a key to Newcastle’s smart city strategy

Some Californian cities buying back the street lighting from utility to gain greater controls over LED deployments

Pune, India passes half way in deployment of 70,000 LED street lights

June 2017

Rajasthan hits 750,000 LED street lighting deployments and now integrating CCTV and WiFi

Camden, UK teams up with Google to deliver free public Wi-Fi

Silver Springs to connect more than 250,000 LED street lights in Chicago

Hyderabad to replace 450,000 street lights with LEDs and smart controls

Silver Spring Networks making 110,000 new LED street lights in Jamaica smart

Tauranga, NZ to replace 12,000 street lights with LEDs and smart controls

New Plymouth, NZ replacing 8,000 lights with LEDs and looking at smart controls

LED fittings in Mackenzie District, NZ help council meet dark sky requirements

Palmerston North, NZ resumes work on LED deployment amid controversy over compliance

Timaru, NZ to replace all street lights with LEDs

Dunedin, NZ to replace 15,000 street lights with 3000K LEDs and smart controls

Multi-function poles being deployed in Newcastle with integral LEDs, WiFi and other devices

Newcastle rolling out leading edge multi-function poles

NSW Local Government Association calls for $50m in LED street lighting funding

London pilot of EV charging in street lighting columns

Andhra Pradesh, India announces 1,000,000 LED street lighting deployment

Townsville investigating LED street lighting upgrade

Western Norway to deploy 18,000 Philips LED street lights and smart controls

Up to 1000 proposed cameras on street lights in San Jose raise privacy concerns

Goa set to become first Indian state to completely replace all street lights with LEDs

Cheshire East Council, UK to upgrade 21,000 street lights to LEDs

5G mini-cells in street lighting columns may be key driver of smart street lighting