Editor's Choice Articles

The following articles on street lighting and smart controls have been selected from publications around the world to highlight large-scale deployments as well as key technology and policy developments.

March 2017

Councils spurred on to upgrade street lights

Silver Spring Networks highlights importance of open standards-based IoT platforms

New Zealand Transport Agency announces 85% funding support for accelerated LED replacement programmes

200,000 street lights in North Delhi, India to be replaced with LEDs

Smart Cities Council praises San Diego as model of using street lights as the foundation of a smart city

Protecting LED street lights from surges

February 2017

Islamabad, Pakistan replacing 61,000 street lights with LEDs

Taiwan trade show focuses on Asian smart street lighting developments

GE signs deal with AT&T on smart cities rollout in US

Caribbean islands undertaking mass LED replacement program

London experiments with EV charging from street lighting columns

Ipswich Council to retain control of street lights in new developments in effort to roll out smart city infrastructure

Geelong suburb of Ocean Grove rolls out LED street lights with WiFi

Bolton, UK nears completion of 26,000 LED street lights with smart controls

Current by GE outlines three phases in the evolution of smart street lights

First colour-tunable smart street lighting deployed in St. Paul, Minnesota

January 2017

Smart Cities Council newsletter focuses on smart street lights

Silver Spring Networks wins smart controls contract for up to 250,000 street lights for Oklahoma utility

Illinois launches state-wide RFP for street lighting and smart controls

Seven finalists being evaluated for 79,000 light ACT street lighting contract

Chandigarh, India to replace 52,000 street lights with LEDs and smart controls

Pioneering smart street lighting deployment with Bluetooth in Wipperfürth, Germany

Montreal changes to 3000K luminaires for its 132,000 street lighting and smart controls deployment

Jamaica to replace 110,000 street lights with LEDs and smart controls

Cheshire West & Chester Council to replace 24,000 street lights with LEDs and smart controls

Silver Spring Networks and Panasonic partner to deliver smart street lighting in Denver pilot with WiFi, environmental sensors and video

Indian Power Minister gives update 1.56 million LED street lights already installed in national program

Monterey, California loses lawsuit over LEDs in the face of concerns about brightness and colour temperature

Leading ethical hacker says lighting industry cybersecurity is weak

Indian state of Andhra Pradesh planning to replace 2.5 million street lights with LEDs

Singapore moves forward with planned tender for replacement of 100,000 street lights with LEDs and smart controls

Goa, India expect to complete replacement of 166,000 lights with LEDs by May