Facilitating Research

The large scale introduction of new technologies across the street, road safety and security infrastructure sectors is a significant opportunity to discover useful knowledge that is highly likely to improve a range of wider societal outcomes. For example, few studies worldwide have investigated the direct relationship between lighting level and quality, and any consequent correlation with road accident rates at night.

There are many other opportunities to investigate and generate applied learning that improvements in street lighting can make to city liveability, the night economy, street safety and vandalism at night.

Under the SLSC Programme, IPWEA intends to work with Australian and international research and special interest organisations to identify and plan practical and applied research projects that will add value for stakeholders. This has the potential to develop better outcomes for street lighting users, asset owners and suppliers, and to develop intellectual property opportunities for the research organisations involved.

It is envisaged that IPWEA collaboration will involve identifying projects of high value to councils, road authorities, DNSPs and suppliers, then seek to identify suitable researchers to lead these projects and helping facilitate research funding by matching the appropriate parties. IPWEA’s SLSC Programme would also likely have a significant role in project planning and overall supervision and dissemination of results, with execution and initial reporting led by the research organisations involved.

This aspect of the SLSC Programme is expected to commence later in 2017.