SLSC Council & TAG

The Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) Programme is fundamentally reliant upon the support of two important groups of programme partners, the SLSC Council and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

SLSC Council

The SLSC Council is an advisory board to IPWEA. It comprises representatives of the Australian Government, IPWEA, Australia’s peak local government association, Energy Networks Australia (electricity network peak body), lighting supply industry association major street lighting luminaire suppliers, major smart controls supplies and the Programme’s two specialist technical advisers.

The role of the Council is to provide high-level advice to the CEO of IPWEA on the SLSC Programme. This will be in order to guide and support the SLSC Programme in undertaking an integrated package of projects and activities to overcome or alleviate the major impediments to the early and widespread adoption of modern LED street lighting technologies and smart controls throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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The TAG is a larger group of other SLSC stakeholders– luminaire and smart control suppliers, industry bodies, regional bodies and capital city councils - that will support the SLSC programme by providing technical and commercial input to SLSC products, tools and training. For example, the TAG will act as the primary body reviewing technical documents and outputs of the SLSC Programme before they are released to industry. IPWEA may seek further TAG members from respected organisations in different sector categories that have demonstrated high levels of technical knowledge in street lighting, smart controls and smart city issues.

The SLSC Council and TAG members as at 15 October 2016 can be viewed by clicking the ‘View SLSC Partners’ box. The relationship of the SLSC Council and TAG to IPWEA and other elements of the SLSC Programme is shown in the diagram.

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SLSC Council & TAG

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