Study Tour: Street and Area Lighting Conference | 10-13 Sep

The Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand (IESANZ) together with the IPWEA’s Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) Programme are jointly hosting an international study tour to one of the world’s most highly regarded street and area lighting conferences, SALC in Austin, Texas USA.

The IES Street & Area Lighting Conference (SALC) is one of the leading conferences of its kind dedicated to improving the outdoor lighting business of councils, road authorities, utilities and other service companies. It attracts more than 900 delegates for three days of presentations, workshops, networking and trade exhibits. Many of the leading figures in the global street lighting industry attend this event, which consistently offers valuable insight into where street lighting, smart controls and, increasingly, smart city technology is heading.

Each year SALC attracts a small handful of ANZ delegates who recognise its value as one of the best single opportunities to meet and learn from industry peers. IPWEA and IESANZ are now taking this to the next level with an offer to host an AUS-NZ delegation to SALC to advance your knowledge of what is happening on the international street lighting scene.  

Whilst all conference registration, travel, transfers, meals and accommodation costs are at your own expense and own arrangements (there are no group bookings for travel or accommodation), SLSC and IESANZ will be providing:

  • Two hosts to coordinate conference attendance
  • Up to 5 strategic side-meetings to ensure that delegates optimise their time and investment
  • Personal introductions to many of the leading figures in the US and global street lighting industry.  These will include senior figures from many of the major street lighting and smart controls suppliers that serve ANZ and are SLSC partners.
  • The IESANZ and IPWEA have requested a reduced registration fee from IES (North America) for an AUS-NZ delegation and, if this occurs, you will be personally informed.

Note that the conference commences with an evening reception on Sunday 10 September. Attendees may also wish to consider the additional LED and smart controls courses run in the morning of Sunday 10 September.  This conference is a fantastic but intensive few days so attendees are well advised to arrive a couple of days prior to help overcome jetlag.


Tour hosts for both organisations are:

Adam Carey
M: 0428 079 317

Graham Mawer
M: 0412 229 544

Please register your expression of interest by contacting Adam or Graham. 
Even if you would like to attend but are unsure of the ability to do so at this stage, advise Adam or Graham so that they can keep you informed of any developments.