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Standards provide vital guidance to local governments and main road authorities about how to design and implement safe, effective, robust and reliable public lighting. With the rapid pace of technical development in lighting and smart controls, ANZ standards are currently the focus of much development work and must increasingly be considered in conjunction with keyinternational standards and guidance documents .

An important part of the SLSC Programme is to work consultatively with Standards Australia (SA) and Standards New Zealand (SNZ) to:

  • To address the imbalances on some standards committees, identify vacancies or a lack of representation on relevant committees by local government, new-entrant suppliers and those with expertise in LEDs and smart controls and their application to adaptive lighting , identify suitable candidates to fill vacancies, nominate candidates and provide appropriate briefing and support to nominees; and
  • Ensure that standards reform proposals support the timely deployment of LEDs, smart controls and smart city technology.

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