Media Releases

September 2018

Better maintenance and lighting will help get road safety back on track: IPWEA 

17 September 2018

Australasia’s peak body for public works engineering has responded to a damning report on Australia’s road safety with a call for greater investment in road maintenance and technology.

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) applauded the release of the Australian Government-initiated inquiry into the National Road Safety Strategy, which found that Australia’s road safety performance had stalled and a ‘dramatic’ change was needed.

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July 2018

The Minamata Convention on Mercury - What it means for Australian Street Lighting

18 July 2018

The Minamata Convention on Mercury (the Convention) is a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury through practical actions. The Convention acknowledges that mercury, while naturally occurring, is used or produced in many everyday objects and manufacturing processes and is released into the atmosphere, soil and water from a variety of sources. Even at low concentrations, mercury poses a risk of causing adverse effects to human health and the environment. Controlling releases of mercury from human activity is key to the Convention’s obligations.

Australia signed the Convention in October 2013 and is now considering ratifying the Convention and being bound by its requirements, with the Government consulting publicly on this in 2016 and 2017. Because becoming a full party would legally bind Australia to the Convention’s obligations, the Government is currently finalising a Regulatory Impact Statement on the issue. A decision on whether Australia will ratify the Convention is anticipated in 2019.

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July 2017

New street lighting guidelines set to save councils millions

20 July 2017

Today's release of two game-changing documents will allow Australian and New Zealand councils to save millions of dollars on ‘smart city’ street lighting projects.

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA), the peak body that advises local, state and federal governments on best practice engineering, has released the longawaited Model LED Public Lighting Specification and its companion, the Model Public Lighting Controls Specification.

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March 2017

Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation to open IPWEA’s street
lighting conference in Brisbane

10 March 2017

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) is pleased to announce the Honourable Angus Taylor MP will open IPWEA’s 3rd International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference next week.

The conference, to be held 14-17 March at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, will bring together the world’s top experts in smart city technologies and street lighting, with the aim of encouraging a large-scale rollout of the technology.

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February 2017

Smart LED street lighting can help avoid the next power crisis

10 February 2017

With temperatures rising, Australia needs to get much smarter about how it uses electricity. LED street lighting is one leading example where we could be saving both millions of dollars and millions of kilowatt hours every year.
The Federal and NSW Governments, along with the Australian Energy Market Operator, are clamouring to reduce power consumption in the face of possible NSW blackouts this weekend as has beset SA.

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LED street lights could reduce Australia's road toll: international expert

7 February 2017

Lives could be saved if LED street lighting is installed on Australian roads, one of the world’s leading authorities on road safety economics says.

Dr Rune Elvik is a Senior Research Officer at the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics and editor and contributing author of the internationally recognised English versions of the Handbook on Road Safety Measures. He says road lighting is an effective way of reducing night-time road accidents, particularly fatal accidents and those involving pedestrians.

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December 2016

COAG Energy Council meeting coincides with release of report aiming to save millions in street lighting bills with LED rollout

14 December 2016

As the COAG Energy Council prepares to put the country’s energy security under the microscope, a ground-breaking report showing how Australia can slash $100 million each year from its street lighting costs has been launched.

The Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) Programme Roadmap makes 15 recommendations to fast-track a large-scale upgrade to LED street lighting. 

The SLSC Programme is an initiative of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA), a not-for-profit association dedicated to improving public infrastructure for communities across Australia and New Zealand.

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LED street lighting roll-out would halve energy use and save Australian councils $100 million each year: IPWEA Roadmap

14 December 2016

The street lighting, smart control and energy industries have united for the release of a major report on the future of Australia’s street lighting that demonstrates the massive economic, environmental and public safety benefits of switching to LED lighting.

An initiative of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA), the Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) Programme Roadmap makes 15 recommendations to fast-track Australia’s changeover to LED street lighting.

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May 2016

Street Lighting Industry Unites

24 May 2016

In a move that has the Australian Government’s support, the multiple sectors that make up the street lighting and smart controls industry in Australia have formally committed today (24.05.2016) to work collaboratively through the initiative of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia’s (IPWEA) new “SLSC Programme.”

IPWEA NZ accepts Climate Minister's challenge

02 May 2016

IPWEA NZ President, Peter Higgs, has accepted the invitation and challenge from Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett, who recently signed New Zealand's commitments to the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

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