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June 2016

Industry Roadmap to Transform Street Lighting

Winter Issue 2016 - IPWEA inspire
IPWEA's Street Lighting and Smart Controls Program (SLSC) is a major, all-of-industry initiative. The team is preparing to release a strategic Roadmap, which will accelerate the adoption of modern street lighting technologies and practices.


CEO's column: around the nation with the SLSC Program and 9 Point Plan

02 June 2016 - IPWEA intouch
After innumerable meetings with CEOs, presentations to industry organisations, trips to Canberra and New Zealand and sharing of ideas, IPWEA formally announced last week the commencement of the two-year street lighting and smart controls (SLSC) Program.


May 2016

Street lighting industry unites

24 May 2016 - IPWEA intouch
In a move that has the Australian Government’s support, the multiple sectors that make up the street lighting and smart controls industry in Australia have formally committed to work collaboratively through the initiative of IPWEA's new Street Lighting and Smart Controls Program (SLSC).

IPWEA NZ accepts Climate Minister's challenge

02 May 2016 - IPWEA intouch
IPWEA NZ President, Peter Higgs, has accepted the invitation and challenge from Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett, who recently signed New Zealand's commitments to the Paris Climate Change Agreement.


February 2016

CEO's column: IPWEA continues to deliver in 2016

23 February 2016 - IPWEA intouch
2016 has started with a real zest and renewed focus. Victoria is finding ways to adjust to their new rate capping environment; NSW is assessing the council merger propositions; and NZ is developing its training program for meeting the NIU’s 30 Year Infrastructure Plan.


November 2015

A brighter, smarter future with the IPWEA's new street lighting programme

13 November 2015 - IPWEA intouch
A revolution in street lighting is dawning in Australia and New Zealand, and IPWEA is helping lead the way.